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Anniversary Celebration

This is our 9th year anniversary (courtship + marriage). If refering to marriage, its 5 years.
On our anniversary this year, we didn’t do anything fancy. After dropping the kids off at the nursery, we headed on to Midvalley GSC for a movie. We watched The Myth in GoldClass .. cost us a whooping $70 bucks for two persons. Gawd … we can watch at least 3 movies in a normal cinema. It was Mark’s idea but I still feel it’s a rip-off. The only thing good about GoldClass is that it has sofa seats and your food is served. It was really freezing cold in there and we almost turned into ice cubes. After the movie, we found out that they have blankets for rental too. Gosh too late. Took a picture of the ticket to remind us of how silly we were. Anyway, it’s ok .. once in a lifetime.

We had lunch in Mr Ho’s Fine Foods. We had a dish (forgot the name) with all meat in it. We were so stuffed after that. Couldn’t even finish everything. Their pork chops are simply delicious with their own home-made sauce. Really sumptuous! Hmm .. yummy.

2 Responses to “Anniversary Celebration”

  1. huisia Says:

    Sumptuous celebration but memorable!
    Happy belated anniversary!

    Hui Sia

  2. Twin Says:

    thank you … and i’ll definitely look into your site. :)

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