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2nd Tag

Gosh! I’ve been tagged again by Dinah. Here goes …. uhm

List 10 things that bring you moments of joy. Tag 5 friends to do the same.
1. The 1st respond the babies made in the womb
2. The 1st moment I saw the babies when they were born
3. Kids walking hand in hand with Mommy and Daddy
4. When the 2 kids happily playing together
5. The 1st time when they crawled
6. The 1st time my little princess called me ‘Mimi’
7. The 1st time the kids walked
8. When Daddy is having a great time with the kids
9. When princess kissed & hugged me goodnight
10. When the kids greeted me with a hug when I picked them up from the babysitter

Tags to go :
no tags for anyone .. lucky you!

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