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Yesterday night, as I was getting ready for a shower, I decided to weigh myself. I was shocked to see the weight recorded on the scale and stepped off and on again. One more time I look at it. Gosh! When Darien was about 6 months old I was weighing at 56kg. It was still way above my pre-pregnancy weight. Before I had Denisha, I was weighing at 53kg. Now I’m at 50kg. Goodness me … I didn’t go on a diet nor watch what I eat. I just eat whatever I feel like. Gosh what is happening to me. Friends and relatives say the active kids made me lose all the weight. No wonder I can fit into all my clothings. Hmm … at least I don’t have to go for any slimming sessions. That’s a consolation. Hehhe. Anyone wants to lose weight can help me babysit and I guarantee you will regain your desired weight soon. *hint* *hint*

2 Responses to “slim and slimmer”

  1. Allyfeel Says:

    That’s good news wah…no need to pay money can loose weight, somemore look stunning. 😛

  2. Twin Says:

    hehe no la ally … remove clothes all flabby … hehhe. Need to tone up :Þ

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