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granny came back …

24th October 2005:
Yesterday night we went over to Uncle Frank’s house for dinner and witness the come-back of granny. The Buddhist believe that when a person dies, the soul will come back. We were told by the “medium” that granny will come back on the 24th October 2005 between 9pm – 1am accompanied by “ox head horse head”. Food was laid out on the table beside the altar .. a set for granny and another for the “ox head bull head” figures. They placed a plate of flour on the table as well to justify granny’s come-back. After lighting some joysticks to pray, we hid ourselves in a room upstairs. It was said if anyone sees the “ox head and horse head” figures, they will hook your souls away. No one dares try to go out. We stayed in the room eating, chatting and playing cards. Approaching 1am, I heard soft bells ringing and I asked my cousin, did you hear any bells? She said no. Hmm … dunno .. maybe I was imagining things. Anyway, we all went downstairs to check on the table. There were fingerprints on a plate of flour on the table. That proves it. The soul does come back. We call it “wui yeong” (in cantonese).

4 Responses to “granny came back …”

  1. huisia Says:

    Oh, really can proof that? So scary!

  2. Twin Says:

    not really that spooky. :) But actually quite interesting.

  3. Allyfeel Says:

    yea, I experience it once when my grandma passed away. I smelt burning ashes.

  4. Twin Says:

    serious ah. how come smell of burning ashes leh?

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