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Alone with Kids

Today I’m going to be all alone with the two kids because DH is at a meeting in KL. Have to wake up really early tomorrow, so stayed over at Palace of the Golden Horses. I stayed with him last year with Denisha when she was 7 months and the amount of things we had to bring over to the hotel was endless. So many things .. gosh. Bottles .. clothes .. slow cooker for cooking porridge .. and the list goes on and on. Hehhe. So this time with two kids. I think its not a great idea. Prolly next time .. when they are older. Anyways, its for business so, not much time for leisure. The Japanese buffet at the hotel is really really good. Had it before I was pregnant with Denisha .. their oysters are really fresh and good. Would love to find a time to have buffet without the kids. No good in hurrying food when the purpose is to enjoy.

3 Responses to “Alone with Kids”

  1. Allyfeel Says:

    agreed! I love those lovely quiet moment without the kidz once in a while.

  2. Baby Smooches Says:

    well well, mealtime is always a big challenge with 2 kids around, isn’t it? :-)

  3. Twin Says:

    yes indeedy ….

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