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Alone with Kids Episode II

During the previous episode of being alone with the kids, this time round Mark went to the UK for a business meeting for 3 whole days. And I will have to send/pick up the kids to and from the nursery. My mom is staying with us for a few days. I should think everything will be ok. These few weeks have been really funny. Mark has been working late these days and I have been sending the kids home from the nursery. The behaved really well but as soon as Daddy comes home .. I would hear whinning here and there from Princess. When she demanded for something, I’ll tell her no and she’ll except but when Daddy tells her no … she will go on and on. Probably its because these days, Mark’s been working late and not spending enough time with them. That’s what I told him but these few weeks he’s been really busy with work until he’s so worn-out. Poor poor hubby. Well, when he’s back from UK, we’ll go for a nice Japanese buffet in Midori restaurant, Marriott Putrajaya Hotel with some family members during the weekend. Bon Apetit!

5 Responses to “Alone with Kids Episode II”

  1. Allyfeel Says:

    ya…poor daddy have to work so hard…, hmm..good food would help I guess especially the one mommy cook…:)

  2. Twin Says:

    sometimes i would love too cook but most of the time .. too lazy! :Þ
    work work and work .. its endless. Sigh.

  3. mom2ashley Says:

    wah finally i get to see your new webpage eh?

  4. jazzmint Says:

    hey nice site you’ve migrated to :).

    guess the kids miss daddy eh

  5. Hijackqueen Says:

    Go so far for 3 days only? NOt so bad!

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