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13th Year Anniversary

Our 13th year anniversary fell on the 4th October 2009, a Sunday .. that’s 2 months ago.  13 years just went by with a flash. And now we continue of long journey accompanied by a 6yo and a 5yo. Time really flies.

We celebrated a day earlier on the 3rd. Dropped the kids off at my sis’s place and stopped at a customised Japanese Restaurant called Aoyama in Sri Hartamas. Why do I say customise? Bcos the food that they serve is not from the menu .. its specially made to the customers’ requirement and each and every dish is taste differently. The taste is simply exquisite. Looking at the pics tells it all ….

Before dinner is served … Hubs had this ..

Asahi Japanese Beer

1st dish: Appetizer

2nd dish: Special Salad

3rd dish:Soft Shell Crab

4th dish: Japanese Pizza

5th dish: Tomato Rice & Saba Fish .. by the time this dish arrived, I was already full.

6th dish: Special Soup with Salmon .. full of taste .. superb!

7th dish: Duck Pate .. after taking this .. I felt like I was getting a heartburn!

And finally … dessert – ICE-CREAM .. each of them taste differently – from right: red bean, green tea, rum & raisin and the last one taste like salt .. its sea-salt.

After we finished out dinner, I felt I was overdose. Don’t want to see any of these dishes for awhile. Extremely full and thanks Hubs for planning this. Another special dinner. Bill totaling $403.15.

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