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PP: Perfect Gift for Mom

I have been thinking about what to get Mom for Christmas. Its always a tough decision when it comes to giving gifts to mom. Since she’s a great cook so I thought – why not get her a new dinnerware set. She always prepare great Christmas dinner with turkey stuffing and all. She would be most grateful. She’s not the kinda person that goes for floral stuff so I think a simple one would be perfect.

With nice sumptuous turkey dinner, we must not forget the wine and drinks. Hubs would always bring over 2 bottles of wine and for those who don’t prefer alcohol, we have fresh juices.  Pfaltzgraff drinkware is the perfect compliment for the dinnerware set, too that I would be getting for mom.

I have gotten ourselves a new dining table. I would need new linens like table cloth, runners and placemats. The kids would be so delighted with the new dining table. Know why? Cos we eat at a small mini coffee table. Since they are much older, we bought a proper dining table for our meals.

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