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My Birthday 2010

We had dinner a day earlier with my sis and family @ The Caff, Puchong. I swear this would be the last time we will be going there. I saw it in the TV review bout how great the escargots were and believe me – its the most horrible that I’ve tasted in my life. Its not worth the money and the rests of the food tasted ok. I personally think the pizzas are the safest and best to eat. For ratings I would give it a 5 out of 10.

Colour experiment that I tried with the camera. Interesting!

Coincidentally, we were siting on table # 8 which is also the ‘real’ date of my birthday!

The wine rack – we didn’t order even a bottle. Shocking shocking.

Appetiser – Mussels

Appetiser – Bruscetta

Appetiser – Escargots: This is supposed to be a famous signature dish (according to the tv). After trying this .. I really don’t know what’s the meaning of a ‘signature dish’ anymore!

Smoke Duck Pizza: Totally a disappointment to me. I expected more from this.

Seafood Spaghetti

Chicken Ham Pizza: One of the safest to order!

Baked Macaroni: My personal opinion – This is the nicest dish compared to the rests that we order.

My favourite shot of the kids – how lovely!

The Attendees

And finally the birthday cake from Baskin Robbins!

My ‘real’ date falls on a weekday Monday. We took leave and went for 2-marathon movies and dinner @ Genji Hilton PJ with the kids after school. In comparison to the night before, food here was superb. The kids were having fun imitating the chefs. They love looking @ the chefs cook. And when the chefs finish a dish they would clap, indicating to the waiters that the food is ready. Business was great that day. There was a delay in serving. The kids especially Boy acted as assistants to the chef. They had a great laugh on the kids, too. For food ratings – would be 8 out of 10.

Boy clapping to the waiters

A black and white shot. Classic. Priceless.

Princess enjoying the food …hmmm.

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