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Should I feel good?

When I first heard the news about hubs move to Seoul was somehow a shock. He did mentioned it a couple of times this year but it was like in a year or two. Now its in a month’s time. What was my first feeling when I heard it? Mixed feelings – numb! Miss the people here and the food and life here but the thought of moving to a foreign place got me kinda excited. The setback is a new place – no relatives really scares me. I have always thought of myself as an adventurous person – I guess I am not that adventurous. Probably if I have no kids then I can be.

How do the kids feel? Boy was excited – really excited. Princess was somehow reluctant. Her only comment was “Why do we have to go? I already have friends here”. I feel for her. I know how she’s feeling. Poor girl. We’ve been over there to check out the place. Totally changed me. It didn’t feel that bad after all *fingers crossed*. Now that we’re back here in our home country to prepare for the move – I still feel the heavy heart. Probably its because I have not been away from my family this far. Its just different compared to the time when I was in Perth for my degree. This is a whole new level – a whole new life. I am still pondering on whether this is a good move. I guess I will only find out once we are there!

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